Most of the projects I do are free and everyone who was a part of them are volunteers. Please consider donating to any of the members of the projects you are using. We’ve put some time into this, it’s nice to have the effort we’ve put into it recognised.

Non-Financial Support

With Blood

Your code contributions, stars, forks, shares, bug reports, issues, and many more ways are always welcome to the community and helps us grow.

With Words

Moral support is also an important way of giving support to us, You can always send some kind words into [email protected] or any other members' Emails.

Financial Support

Any money raised will be used to cover hosting costs, any hardware procurement and possibly travel expenses.


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Also appreciating:

Iranian Account

You can send your donations to this account:

Name: Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Mirzade IBAN: IR88 0170 0000 0035 5400 2390 09 Country: Iran Subject: Donation Bank name: Bank Melli Iran

If you’re also Iranian, you can deposit your amount via card-to-card in Iranians internal banking system:

Card Number: 6037 9973 6611 2291 Account Number: 0355400239009