Contact me

[email protected]

I prefer email over messaging protocols, here are some notes: - Send your messages in plain text. - It’s better to encrypt your message before sending it. - If I don’t respond, don’t get offended, I am either busy or ignoring you.

Email Encryption

Encrypt your messages while you’re talking to me. Download mahdi.gpg.

Fingerprint: 6619 D598 7FF3 01B9 8604 3FD9 867D 890E AC1C 4063

Guide to Email Encryption

Use this guide to learn more about encryption, or use my online gpg encyption tool then send your emails that way.

Update my key

Please update the key before using it (it doesn’t apply on my online tool), I might change the key over time.

UNIX-like users can do this trick to update my key: curl -Ls "" -O gpg --import mahdi.gpg

If you’re on anything else, delete my old key then download the latest key from above and add it to your client.

My key on keyservers

I might have variant keys under my name on different keyservers, But this page is the first to get updated if there are any updates of my keys. However if you really want to use keyservers: